Saddle Pad Fittings

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Are you experiencing problems with your saddle fit? Coopersridge saddle pads could be your solution. Derrick Moran, certified saddle fit specialist and creator of Coopersridge saddle pads is now available for saddle fit assessments in parts of Southern Ontario.

Your appointment will include an assessment of your saddle, as well a ride observation. During the ride observation Derrick will evaluate the balance and fit of the saddle for both you and your horse, while asking personalized questions to determine the key issues you are experiencing.

After the visual observation, you will dismount and Derrick will determine the best Coopersridge saddle pad and shim arrangement for your saddle. You will then have to opportunity to ride in a customized Coopersridge saddle pad and feel the difference in your horse’s movement and comfort, as well as your own position and comfort.

Derrick will evaluate all brands of saddles, and works with both English and Western riders. Appointments are available in the GTA, Niagara and Ottawa regions. Fittings in Quebec and other parts of Southern Ontario can be arranged for multiple customers.

For more information, or to book your FREE appointment today contact Derrick here: 

Phone: 647-401-4248