Woolskin Detergent

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Woolskin is specifically formulated to clean, disinfect and condition washable sheepskin.  Woolskin kills and will remove mites from all natural fibre products; including sheepskin, wool, fur, and feathers.

Woolskin contains:

  • Tea tree oil – a natural miticide (effective against dust mites), fungicide and bacteriostat.
  • unique blend of surfactants and conditioning agents that lubricate the sheepskin leather and will give an improved  lustre and handle to the wool fibre.
  • fatty liquor conditioning agents that actually improve the sheepskin leather and wool with repeated use.


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Woolskin is biodegradable. Note: Detergents containing enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, alkali or bleach cause irreversible damage to sheepskin leather. Woolskin does not contain any of these.

Please Note: If you use a regular household detergent or Woolite to wash a sheepskin, it may cause permanent damage to the leather backing.



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