Our first creation in home health care products, the Nimbus Bed Pad is designed for use at home or in hospital in order to eliminate pressure sores. It has a unique built-in handle system that allows easy movement from head to toe! Shearling top layer provides the utmost luxury, and Air Weave bottom increases air flow to help prevent moisture build up.

The insert included with the Bed Pad is an evolution of the Poly-Mem-Gel shims we use in our saddle pads. The insert has a peaked design that contours with the body to ease pressure from areas such as the hips and legs.

Easy to remove the PMG Insert and wash the bed pad in cold water wash.

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Shearling helps to reduce pressure sores

Our shearling is cruelty-free, meaning that no sheep are harmed. The material is real wool, on a polyester backing. Shearling has many beneficial qualities:

  • natural wool fibers are hypoallergenic
  • Wicks away moisture from the skin
  • Insulates the body in the winter, keeps cool in summer
  • Resists compression
  • Machine washable

Air Weave Fabric promotes air flow

XD-spacer-fabrics--460x250 (2)

  • Helps to prevent the build-up of moisture and heat
  • Creates a breathable cushioning layer to absorb pressure
  • Durable and strong – 80lbs per square inch tensile strength
  • 10X the air flow of regular knit fabrics
  • 100% polyester




Poly-Memory-Gel Insert provides support and weight distribution

  • Prevents heat build up
  • Disperses shock
  • Peaked designed contours the with the body for best support
  • Simple to remove

Advanced Shim Technology 

Poly-Memory- Gel Shims/ Inserts allow impact zones to be absorbed evenly, removing pressure points and discomfort. This innovative blend of cushioning materials will improve comfort and help to reduce pressure sores. shim tech graphic




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