D-LITE Hunter/ Jumper Shaped Under Pad


You’ll love the luxurious look and feel of the D-Lite Hunter/ Jumper Under Pad with MOTION BALANCE FABRIC. This pad helps to relieve pressure on your horse’s back under the saddle, as well as relieving stress on the rider’s back and hips. Designed for use under any of our Coopersridge Hunter/ Jumper Half Pads.

The superior design of this pad makes it virtually seamless along the spine and high wither clearance prevents the creation of pressure points under the saddle.

Machine washable in cold water wash.

Made in Canada

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Our MOTION BALANCE FABRIC has four layers of unique materials that join forces to balance and stabilize, giving you and your horse a harmonized and relaxed ride.  Quilted together with our unique Breeze pattern for maximum air flow. Made from 99% recycled materials.

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Vegan Suede Ultra Grip – this lush fabric has grip in all directions to keep your pad in place with no straps or Velcro.

PMG Lite – A thinner, lighter version of our PMG Shims, giving you more pressure dispersal built right into your pad!

Moisture Wick – added to enhance air flow and keep your horse cool and dry

Cotton Base – nothing beats cotton when it comes to comfort, so we chose a breathable cotton base to be next to your horse’s skin.

Advanced Shim Technology 

Poly-Memory- Gel Shims/ Inserts allow impact zones caused by saddle or rider to be absorbed evenly, removing pressure points and discomfort for both rider and horse. This innovative blend of cushioning materials will give your horse the ultimate comfort.

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Black, Competition White, Platinum, Road Apple Brown, Blue Steel, Get 'er Done Grey, TAN Your Hide, Pleasant Plum, Canadian Crimson


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