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-Denise Rath, Grey Fox Farm

-Ellie, Mary’s Tack and Feed


-Valerie Tkacs, Essayons Eventing


-Vivian, Merritt Sport Horses



“Thank you Coopersridge Saddle Pads for helping Skye Blue Magic and I (Kayla McQuaig) perform our best in the English and Western All Around events at the 2019 Palomino World Show. Thanks to you we were able to perform at our best with multiple World Championships and leave with the All Around Reserve Open Golden Horse.” -Kayla McQuaig of KB Performance Horses


“Super excited to announce our new partnership with Coopersridge products. I can honestly say the difference we felt on multiple horses within the first minute was unbelievable. The horses are softer, quieter and jumping so round over their backs. They have more power in the canter and jump looser behind. Along with all the benefits we have felt in the horses they look great and the fact you can shim them to the perfect fit means happy comfortable horses. Which as we all know happy horses perform better!” -Ben Merritt, Merritt Sport Horses




“I have a tendency to be ahead of my horse, partly because I’m protecting my back and partly because I’ve been riding like this for years. After being evaluated and fitted with a Coopersridge pad, I now have the natural ability to sit quietly and move with the horse. This has been a remarkable change that has not only made riding more comfortable, but has also given me more control and confidence. I feel more secure, sit deeper, and can now concentrate on truly riding instead of the possibility of falling off. I will no longer consider riding my horse without this pad! Thank you Coopersridge!”


“Just wanted to give a huge shout out to Coopersridge. Your pads are super and have made a huge difference in how our horses ride and perform. Although we bought used, they are in top condition and very well made. Thank you for such amazing pads!” – Tamara Hook, Platinum Equine


megan desjardins

“I know out of experience riding in these pads have been a game changer! With being inconsistent and thrown forward in my runs, I am able to be confident and stay in the center and square. All my runs at congress were clean placing runs. Thank you Coopersridge saddle pads.” -Megan Desjardins



“Derrick, I wanted to send a note to thank you again for your time to help me pick the right saddle and educating me on the importance of a proper fitting saddle pad. I now have THE SAM Western Square pad and am enjoying the comfort it brings to my horse’s experience. Serenity is not “girthy” and moves out freely even backing up which surprised me greatly and brought home the point of how properly fitting saddle and pad make a huge difference in the riding relationship between horse and rider.” -Henrietta



“Love, love , love this saddle pad!!! It makes both the rider and horse more comfortable and the ride more enjoyable. I ride for the enjoyment, so I look for equipment that works and works both for the horse and rider. Looks don’t mean much to me as much as function and comfort but in this case it scores high in all categories. Derrick was very accommodating. He took the time to educate me on the pads and was very sincere. Best purchase ever!! My friend even noticed the difference and remarked on how comfortable the saddle pad made her feel and Attitude ‘s gait smoother. Another bonus with this great pad is that it is made in CANADA!!!!”



“I am very impressed with my new Coopersridge “Aimee” western saddle pad.
After trying the pad with the front shims in I was pleasantly surprised to find that my position improved, as I was more easily sitting upright with my legs under me in the proper position as opposed to constantly adjusting my position to keep my legs under me.”Master” moves out freely and is very comfortable in the pad.
It seemed to make it easier for him to pick up his leads correctly as the pad alleviates any pressure on the shoulders. The pad is very stable with no shifting from side to side on the horse and no movement of the saddle on the pad. Everything just stays in place” -Michelle



“Annie rocking her Coopersridge saddle pad! Love these saddle pads! Since starting to use it, Annie’s back is never sore, she never overheats and they look so good!” -Heather


“…It was amazing. My horse hasn’t been ridden since November and he was amazing and moved so freely. I can never get on from the ground as my saddle always shifts and moves. I was on and off a bunch, and never had a single issue. I felt completely secure, and most importantly he was so happy! Thank you for keeping both me and my horse comfortable!” – Sam and Chance


“With a horse that is out of shape, I was worried about a slipping saddle…Immediately getting into the saddle I felt the security the pad brings to the rider and i knew i was set up for a great ride! Thank you!” -Lauren and Tina



“Beautiful day for a ride with my favourite little lady! Show season is fast approaching, and I bet we’re all thinking of ways to be more successful, more consistent, and more comfortable. Coopersridge Products is the answer. These saddle pads have given Isabel and I the competitive edge, and the comfort to be successful! They’ll do the same for you.” -Madison Wood


“What a difference with the new “Motion Balance” material. My saddle stayed in place my entire ride, even through spins and turns I felt completely secure! Coopersridge is the only pad I will ride in now!” -Hayley


“I haven’t been able to ride my horse due to poor saddle fit for almost two months. This past weekend, thanks to Coopersridge, I was finally able to ride him again! WOW What a difference! Coopersridge is my new go-to pad! ” -Julie


image (1)

“My older mare Bolero seemed to really like it! Lately we have been dabbling in the sport of skijoring. She was very willing to get round and use her back, both while pulling our skier as well as doing training trudging though the deep snow in the ditches. The contour of the pad is excellent, and actually allowed room for her withers and the shape of her back. The pad length worked out perfect for us as well. The pad did not bunch or move at all- she was wearing her saddle for the majority of the day during the event and I did not have to do any re-adjusting. Thanks!” -Alison


britanny mccarter gunner2

“Gunner is loving this pad, and so am I! His conformation is very downhill, which was causing issues with his movement, as well as pain for myself. You can see in the photo, [the pad] keeps the saddle pretty much level which has changed him and has helped to end the muscle pain I was feeling as well. The comfort he feels with this pad was instantly noticeable. He moves more freely, there is no sharp jarring from his movement and is even more relaxed under saddle. We were having issues with bucking, and I tried various things to improve his comfort and finally found something that works!”-Brittany McCarter



“Not only do these products make our horses more comfortable, they have helped improve many of our students riding position. These pads have helped us improve our saddle fit, removing pressure points and extending the length of service that our therapy horses can provide for us. We would recommend these products to anyone looking to increase their horses comfort and happiness…We have noticed that many of our horses are much more content, and some behaviors we had seen (ears back when tacked, pulling at hitching rail, nipping when being tacked) are gone.” -Michelle Warren of the Arion Therapeutic Riding Association. ATRA has been in operation since 2009, providing therapeutic horseback riding, traditional riding lessons, horsemanship and driving to a wide range of clients.



“I am so thrilled with my new Coopersridge saddle pad. You were right about the ride! I have never felt so comfortable in a saddle like that before. Lady was much smoother under saddle too. With my new pad I am in heaven!” says Patti, and her horse Lady

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