Our Story


Coopersridge Products

Founded in 2015, Coopersridge Products is a growing business dedicated to providing quality products to the horse industry. We began with Coopersridge Saddle Pads, designed by Derrick Moran, the owner of Coopersridge Products.

As a saddle fitter, trainer and coach, Derrick has found that saddle fit problems are a frequent factor in the quality of performance and achieving harmony between horse and rider. To address this issue, Derrick set out to design a saddle pad that would fit comfortably and correctly.  The Coopersridge Saddle Pad, including shim inserts to correct saddle fit issues, is the result of this mission.

We are continuing to develop our product line with new saddle pads, pet beds, herbal supplements and medical products. We are delighted that our products are now available in many tack shops across Canada and in the USA!


Our Team

Derrick Moran


Derrick Moran

It has always been Derrick’s ambition to help horses and riders achieve their best by working together as a team.  As the owner, trainer, and coach at Coopersridge Stables for 10 years, in addition to being a competitive rider himself, Derrick has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety or horses and riders to achieve this goal.

Designing Coopersridge Saddle Pads and starting Coopersridge Products has allowed Derrick to help more horse and rider combinations achieve more comfort and better harmony.

The Coopersridge Products line-up continues to expand with new, high quality equestrian products which are all tested and approved by Derrick himself.  In addition to developing new products, Derrick continues to enjoy his passions for riding and coaching and is looking forward to working another show season as a certified judge and steward.



Cooper is a hard working labradoodle who is the namesake of the company. He is a great supervisor in the office and sewing room to keep everyone on track!