Coopersridge Saddle Pads – Barrel Racing with Madison Woods

Madison Woods is a hard working 19 year old with a passion for barrel racing. She has worked hard with her horse to become a very competitive young rider. She and her horse, named A Dirty Martini are currently sitting top 10 in both the NBHA and OBRA Asscociations in the Youth 1D and Open 2D.

We are pleased to hear that Madison and her horse are enjoying their Coopersridge Western Saddle Pad:

“My mare has one shoulder lower than the other which causes the saddle to both not fit perfectly and shift to the left. Coopersridge Saddle Pads have an innovative shimming system built right into the pad [which] allows me to build up the left side of the pad to keep my saddle fitting properly, all while distributing pressure evenly throughout my horses back to keep her happy and comfortable. Our times went from mid to high 2D to running top 5 in the 1D out of hundreds of the nation’s top horse and rider combinations.  I cannot thank Coopersridge enough for making the quality saddle pad they do, and being a huge a part in my horse’s success, in and out of the arena.”

Keep up the great work Madison!

by coopersridge