Arion Therapeutic Riding Center and Coopersridge Saddle Pads

We would like to thank Michelle Warren of the Arion Therapeutic Riding Association for this lovely testimonial!

“Not only do these products make our horses more comfortable, they have helped improve many of our students riding position.  These pads have helped us improve our saddle fit, removing pressure points and extending the length of service that our therapy horses can provide for us.  We would recommend these products to anyone looking to increase their horses comfort and happiness…We have noticed that many of our horses are much more content, and some behaviors we had seen (ears back when tacked, pulling at hitching rail, nipping when being tacked) are gone.”

ATRA has been in operation since 2009, providing therapeutic horseback riding, traditional riding lessons, horsemanship and driving to a wide range of clients.

Michelle also points out that “Therapeutic riding requires very special horses that are relaxed and reliable.  This industry often uses horses that are older and that puts them even more at risk for injury. This also presents multitude of issues for our horses that traditional riding does not, such as a variety of riders and saddles and carrying riders that have various medical diagnosis that can change the way a rider is carried and can cause stress on horses.”

We are so pleased to know that Coopersridge Saddle Pads are helping all types of horses and riders!



by coopersridge