Are your eyes ready for the show ring?

Adidas Sport Eyewear combines next-generation technology and lens innovation to create a personalized fit with sports-targeted components. They’re not just another pair of sunglasses, but an essential part of sports equipment that supports an improved performance.

One key feature of Adidas Sport Eyewear lenses is the combination of Light Stabilizing Technology™ with polarized filter technology, giving the eyes maximum protection and reducing fatigue. The special filters protect the wearer’s eyes effectively from light reflected off surfaces such as water, ice and snow.

The hydrophobic quality of Adidas lenses is another reason why they are great for equestrians!

Clear view

  • neither water drops, nor dust, nor dirt remain on the lens
  • no salt on the lens

Lenses are easy to clean

  • slippery lens surface is easier to clean
  • no salt deposits on the lens

Keeps clean for longer

  • no static electrical charge; dust and dirt will not be attracted
  • less fingerprints on the lens

With other advancements such as Quick-Release Hinge, Traction Grip, ClimaCool Technology, and TriFit System, Adidas offers the most in comfort, fit and clear vision.

by coopersridge