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What makes Coopersridge Saddle Pads different from other saddle pads?

Our Shim Technology is what sets Coopersridge Saddle Pads apart. Our PMG Inserts/ Shims are a specially formulated material exclusive to Coopersridge Products. They are created from a blend of polyurethane foam, memory foam, and gel. These three materials work together to give the best distribution of weight through out the shim, absorb shock and provide relief of pressure points. They also reduce heat build up, increase air flow and prevent the inserts/ shims from becoming too compressed and losing their shape compared to other cushioning materials used in other saddle pads.

Our inserts/ shims have different shapes to accommodate different saddle types to provide the best weight distribution.

Our shims all feature a tapered edge, which allows the shim to blend into the full inserts, which prevents pressure points from forming.

Our half pads, All-in-One pads and Western saddle pads all have easy-open Velcro pockets that allow you to remove or place shims or inserts.

shim graphic


Hunter/ Jumper front shim with tapered edge

W SQU - pocket

Western saddle pad with insert being placed in Velcro pocket.

Why would I use a shimmable saddle pad?

While having a properly fitted saddle for your horse is important, a shimmable saddle pad can help in many situations where purchasing a new saddling or re-flocking isn’t always an option. By adding or removing front or back shims, you can adjust the balance and fit of your saddle to accommodate for different issues. Here are some examples when using a shimmable saddle pad would be beneficial:

  • your horse is changing in weight and/or muscling
  • your horse is growing
  • you are riding multiple horses and using one saddle
  • you are dealing with conformation challenges in your horse, such as being downhill or high withers.
  • you are bringing your horse back to work after time off
  • you need additional cushioning for your horse due to sensitivity, past injuries, age, etc.

What will Coopersridge Saddle pads Shim Technology do for me and my horse? 

There are many ways that our Shim Technology can help to enhance your riding experience:

  • improve saddle fit and balance
  • decrease back pain and sensitivity for the horse
  • increase comfort and relaxation for the horse
  • reduce back and hip pain for the rider
  • improve rider position
  • improve freedom of movement for the horse

Are Coopersridge Saddle Pads suitable for horses with high withers?

Our pads are all designed for a high wither clearance and using front shims can help to lift your saddle up and away from the withers to eliminate pressure points.

How do I clean my pad?

Coopersridge Saddle Pads and our Pet Beds and Medical Products are machine washable! Remove inserts and shims before washing. Use a cold water wash and hang dry only.  For pads that have shearling, we recommend using a mild detergent suitable for wool products. Do not wring, bleach, or dry clean.

Do you have different sizes of pads?

We have Hunter/ Jumper and Dressage Saddle pads in two different sizes to accommodate saddles between 16”-18” in seat size.

Our Western Saddle Pad line has 4 sizes, ranging from 28”-33”.

Do you make custom pads? 

We can create custom saddle pads for an additional fee. This can include a custom size, and/ or coloured binding. If you are interested in a custom pad, please contact us.

Can my Coopersridge Saddle Pad be used directly on the horse?

Yes! All our pads feature cotton on their bottom layer, to give your horse a breathable, natural fabric next to their skin. Those pads that feature a shearling layer can also be used directly on the horse.

How do I know if I am placing my Coopersridge Saddle Pad correctly?

Your saddle should always be placed in the center of your Coopersridge saddle pad, so that there are equal amounts of pad showing at the front and back. The spine of your pad should be pushed up into the gullet of your saddle and run straight down from front to back.

If you are using an under pad in combination with one of our saddle pads, be sure that the saddle pad is placed in the center of the under pad, with spines aligned. Coopersridge under pads are specifically sized to work with our saddle pads and prevent pressure points.

How do I know if I need Front or Back Shims?

Front or Back shims can be used to improve saddle fit and balance. Shims can also be helpful if you ride multiple horses with the same saddle, or are dealing with a horse changing weight, muscling, etc. We always recommend working with a saddle fit specialist to help find the correct fit for your horse. If you are feeling in front of or behind the motion of your horse, that is often a good indicator of the need for front or back shims. A balanced rider helps make a balanced horse.

My saddle fits perfectly already, can I still use a Coopersridge Saddle Pad?

Absolutely! If you have a properly fitted saddle, you can still enjoy the benefits of Coopersridge Saddle Pads. The PMG Inserts will provide shock absorption and weight distribution, but will not interfere with the fit of your saddle.

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our saddle pads, shims, and accessories, pet beds and NIMBUS Medical Products are manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

Do you use any recycled materials?

Yes we do! We are happy to say that our Motion Balance Fabric is made from 99% recycled materials. And our vegan suede and cruelty-free shearling helps to protect our animal friends.

What currency does your website use?

All of our prices are displayed in Canadian dollars.

Do you ship to the USA?

Yes, we are happy to say we now make shipments to the USA, cost is dependent on location.

What payment methods do you accept?

To keep your payment simple and secure, we accept payment through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you are still able to securely pay with a major credit card.


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