Coopersridge Saddle Pad Technology

Advanced Shim Technology

shim tech graphic

Poly-Memory- Gel Shims/ Inserts allow impact zones caused by saddle or rider to be absorbed evenly, removing pressure points and discomfort for both rider and horse. This innovative blend of cushioning materials will give your horse the ultimate comfort.
Our shims are created with an exclusive combination of materials that work together to:

  • Absorb shock
  • Disperse pressure points evenly
  • Reduce the build-up of trapped heat
  • Speed up spring back time for instant shim recovery
  • Provide support and weight distribution

Front and Back Shims
Our Front and Back PMG Shims can be used in combination with the Full PMG Inserts. Each Front and Back PMG Shim has a tapered edge that blends seamlessly into the Full PMG Insert and prevent pressure points under the saddle.
Front and Back PMG Shims can be used to help correct issues with poorly fitting saddles.
Coopersridge Hunter/ Jumper and Dressage half pads and Western Saddle Pads all have easy-open Velcro pockets to work with our Advanced Shim Technology. This allows you to insert and remove shims effortlessly.



motion balance


Our MOTION BALANCE FABRIC has four layers of unique materials that join forces to balance and stabilize, giving you and your horse a harmonized and relaxed ride.  Quilted together with our unique Breeze pattern for maximum air flow. Made from 99% recycled materials.

Vegan Suede Ultra Grip – this lush fabric has grip in all directions to keep your pad in place with no straps or Velcro.

PMG Lite – A thinner, lighter version of our PMG Shims, giving you more pressure dispersal built right into your pad!

Moisture Wick – added to enhance air flow and keep your horse cool and dry

Cotton Base – nothing beats cotton when it comes to comfort, so we chose a breathable cotton base to be next to your horse’s skin.



We use beautiful wool shearling for our saddle pads because of its amazing properties. Just like genuine sheepskin, our shearling has the natural capability to disperse pressure and resist compression. It helps to keep your horse cool and dry by wicking moisture away from the skin.
This fabric is very resilient and easy to care for. And best of all, it is cruelty free! No sheep are harmed or killed to make this material.


Saddle Pad Features

We strive to create the best saddle pads possible, which requires a lot of testing of materials and designs. When developing the basic shapes for each style of pad, we developed key features that apply to all our saddle pads. We found these features enhanced the comfort and operation of the pads.

  • High Wither Clearance– our pads all feature a high wither peak, which prevents pressure points on the withers
  • Wide Gullet– the width of the gullet allows air to flow across your horse’s back, and helps to take pressure away from the spinal coloumn
  • Velcro Shim Pockets– easy to open pockets allow you to place and remove our inserts and shims
  • “Seamless” Design– we worked hard on our design to limit the number of seams as much as possible, and also to ensure that where seams were necessary, they were as flat possible to limit the chance of pressure points being formed
  • Machine Washable – our pads are all machine washable in cold water wash. (Just remove shims and inserts before washing)
  • Under Pad Sizing– our under pads are all sized to fit properly under our saddle pads, so there is no overlap which can create uncomfortable pressure points.